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Cornerstone Futures

Cornerstone Futures LLC is a premier broker in the energy markets. We provide the fastest fills and best prices for our customer's orders. All of what we arrange is based on natural market movement and flow, without having customers alter orders to provide fills.


Crude- Every deal we close in crude oil is based off NYMEX-WTI and ICE Brent crude structure, although we are not limited to just those specific commodities. In addition to all NYMEX-WTI and Brent Crude intra-commodity spreads, we provide a tremendous amount of flow in the intra-market ICE-WTI vs Brent Spreads as well as the inter-market NYMEX vs ICE crude spreads. Due to our consistent flow in these markets, it allows our customers to be involved in other related contracts including “swaps” and all calendar strips in both markets. Much of the futures flow dictates the “swap” flow allowing us to provide ample opportunity for our customers to be involved in all facets of the energy market.


Products- Our refined and distillate flow is another niche of Cornerstone Futures. All-day long we are able to provide consistent flow in RBOB and Heating Oil futures markets and spreads of all structure. What makes Cornerstone Futures unique is the majority of our product flow is not limited to just intra-commodity spreads, we also provide impressive markets in all the intra-market spreads. Like crude, our large and consistent flows allow our customers to comfortably execute in a fast-moving “swap” market to execute their most challenging hedging needs.

Trading Floor
Natural Gas
Natural Gas

CGC covers the entire Natural Gas spectrum including futures, options, and financial and basis swaps.


CGC’s team of brokers provides market information, technical analysis and advice on risk management techniques. By maintaining its independence, CGC is able to provide unbiased service and analysis to its customers.


CGC also has substantial expertise and footprint in the fast-growing Liquid Natural Gas marketplace, where it quickly established itself as the global market leader in brokered LNG trades last year.


With active markets in Brent-WTI spread options, calendar spreads options (CSOs), refined product options and crack options. CGC has expanded to cover futures and options across multiple markets including NYMEX, CME Globex, ICE, and the DME.

Refined Products

CGC’s Refined Products brokers have a wealth of experience to assist and advise clients in managing the risks of their refined products. Our diverse and international customer base relies on us to provide risk management and execution of high volume trades in refined products, including inter-commodity spreads and complex options strategies, across the hydrocarbon spectrum.


CGC is actively assisting clients to trade Heating Oil Cracks, Gasoline Cracks, Brent – RBOB Cracks, Brent – Heating Oil Cracks, as well as Heating Oil – Gasoil spreads, up/downs and regrades.

Refined Products
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